agosto 30, 2015

Diccionario-Chino-Espanol-con-Pinyin.pdf (50 hojas): caracteres, pinyin y significado. Tiene la mayoría de las palabras que vemos en clase.

El_Nuevo_Libro_de_Chino_Práctico_1.pdf El Nuevo Libro de Chino Práctico I: 119 páginas Inglés – Chino. Muy bueno.

Audio que acompaña al libro : 14 tracks

XinHua ZiDian (Ver.10) (DaZiBen).pdf (908 páginas): The Xinhua Zidian (simplified Chinese: 新华字典; traditional Chinese: 新華字典; pinyin: Xīnhuá Zìdiǎn, literally «New China Dictionary») is a Chinese language dictionary published by the Commercial Press. It is the best-selling Chinese dictionary and the world’s most popular reference work.[1] This pocket-sized dictionary of Chinese characters uses Simplified Chinese characters and pinyin romanization. The most recent Xinhua Zidian edition (the 10th) contains 3,500 compounds and includes over 11,200 logograms, including Traditional Chinese characters and Variant Chinese characters. Bopomofo is used as a supplement alongside Pinyin.